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How We Grow Your Food at Arrowhead

“I learned to Farm from my grandfather Charlie Moulton. He was born in 1877, and learned to Farm before there were Ag Chemicals; and this is how he taught me to Farm. I like to think of it as Pre‐Organic Farming.” ~Dick Chase


We use no Agricultural Chemicals what so ever on any of our Vegetable, Berry, Melon, Herb or Stone Fruit (Peaches, Nectarines etc} Crops.

We Grow no Genetically Modified Crops

We build Soil Fertility using Compost, Covercrops, Leaves and Poultry and Livestock Manures.

We select varieties and cultivars to grow based on two criteria: The crop must have good flavor and nutrient values and must have good natural resistance to insects and diseases.

We spray our Apples once or twice, right after bloom time, to prevent the Curculio Moth from laying eggs that later become maggots inside the ripe fruit.

We pay no attention to food cosmetics what-so-ever. Our crops may appear different at first, but they are delicious, nutritious and contain no chemical residues.

We use no additives in our Livestock and Poultry Feeds; No animal by-products, Hormones or Anti-biotics are ever in our feed.

We feed only grass, grains, hay, and fruit and vegetable waste.

We do not use any chemicals when we wash our Eggs---just pure well water.

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